This documentary project is a storytelling about how COVID-19 impacted on the life of my family.

You live your daily life when, suddenly, while checking your Facebook feed or while watching news on TV you hear about a virus that kills people. Maybe you don’t pay much attention at first, but after a while you see that this virus, that has a name already, the COVID-19, kills more and more people day after day. You don’t understand what is happening in the world. Still, it seems so far from you until one day you wake up and learn about the first case in your country, in the city where you live. The pandemic is so close now, as well as the fear.
When the COVID-19 pandemic has started, our country declared the state of emergency. There were quite strict rules: one can leave the house only to buy food and medicine or in case of a real emergency. So we stayed at home. Our life completely changed. We had our own fears now plus the worldwide panic. My wife was in the 7th month of pregnancy with our first child by that time. We lived with my grandmother and worried about her so much as it was even more dangerous for her. She was sitting in front of TV most of the day with hope to hear good news, but everything was getting worse. We were in complete mess.
Something needed to be done so that we could get over it or at least distract a little from reality because the relationship at home was getting intense. The only thing that always helps me out and is kind of meditation for me is photography. So I started taking pictures of everything and everyone surrounding me, my dog and of course my wife with whom I spend most of the time.
This wasn’t intended to be a photo story at first. I was capturing my everyday life and trying to keep the bond with my family and help them to overcome the hard times. I realize now the good impact this project has on me and my family.
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